Avant-Cellist group on Myspace!

I have created a new group:


All experimental, non-traditional and avant garde cellists welcome! Electrified or otherwise! Come and discuss cello techniques, amps, tricks and unclassical random acts of noise...

So if there's anyone here who is also on myspace and plays the cello please join us!

Spread the word!!


Lizzi x

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Awful unclassical things done to beautiful Instrument!!

Poor Old Scratchy!

I can play him sideways like a bass guitar, upright like a double bass, make scritchy noises, crunchy splintering wood on the back noises with my bow ...

The latest pursuit of non-classical terrorism is as Miss Von Trapp, performing cello songs I've written and also using my cello to add sound effects (drumming/scraping etc) to performance poems I've written between songs.

Does anyone else go out of their way to not actually play TUNES with poems etc?

The songs on my myspace page are rather more well constructed than what I do in performance - when I usually strip my songs down to just one playable harmony to whatever it is I'm singing...


I'd like to know what you think?

(apologising in advance)
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House Concert: cellist/singer/songwriter Lindsay Mac

Hey Seattle-area AvantCellists!

You're all invited to a house concert with Lindsay Mac, a cellist/singer/songwriter from the East Coast. She's brilliant, we love her music, and we are very excited to have her perform at our home.

What: Lindsay Mac house concert

When: Sunday, May 20. Doors open at 7 pm & music starts at 7:30 pm.

Where: Redmond, Washington -- email betsy@stealthcello.com for directions

Cost: Suggested donation $10-$15 (all donations go directly to the artist)

Website: Lindsay's website is at http://www.lindsaymac.com; you can listen to (and download) some of her songs there.

More About Lindsay: Lindsay is not just your average cellist/singer/songwriter. Although she's classically trained, Lindsay holds the cello like a guitar, strapped around her small frame, and sings original songs in the folk/jazz tradition. Her first album, "Small Revolution," is receiving rave reviews and airplay on over 100 AAA, community, and NPR-affiliate radio stations. Kevan Breitinger (Indie-music.com) wrote: "I can't rave enough about this dazzling debut album, one of the year's best in every way, with every track a winner. I want to run into the streets and force strangers to stop what they're doing and listen to this crazy genius girl with her strapped-on cello!"

Don't miss this opportunity to hear this "crazy genius girl" play in the casual, intimate environment of a house concert -- that's Sunday, May 20 at 7:30 pm at our home in Redmond, Washington.

Post-Modern Pop Cellist Needed

Dear Cellists,

Bonjour. My name is Mike and I am a New Jersey based composer/songwriter/multi-media artist who is looking for a cellist. My indie band needs a full time member to forge ahead and conquer the world through cello based pop and hard-to define instrumental music (Michael Hedges meets the Kronos Quartet in Michael Stipe's hot tub). My profile will link you to my website where you can find song and video samples.

It is great to see people who care so much about the cello and modern music. Keep the community alive with fresh ideas!

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Fishman pick-up help!

Hey all you fellow celloists....my parents bought me a Fishman C-100 pickup for christmas! Hooray!!! Now, the only I'm concerned about is how exactly to put it on. :-/ For those of you who have one, how many of you put it on yourself and how easy was it to do so? Would it be better instead to take it to a stringed instrument shop and have one of the employees do it for me?
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